In addition to my mix/overdub room, I enjoy working in studios such as Ice Cream Party (Modest Mouse space), The Map Room, Audible Alchemy, and other great spaces here in PDX.

Spooky Electric Co. equipment

Proac Studio 100 monitors
Yamaha P2200 power amp
Adam A7X monitors
Hot-rodded custom Mac Pro tower w/ dual monitoring & Lynx AES16 PCIe card
Lynx Aurora 16 conversion
Dangerous monitoring
Rascal Audio Analogue ToneBuss mix summing
6x custom Hamptone JFET preamp channel
2x Distressor
Chandler Limited EMI TG2 mic preamps
4x Universal Audio SOLO/610 mic preamps/DI
Vertigo VSC-2 Quad Discrete VCA compressor
Studer A820 1/2" 2 track recorder
Additional mobile laptop recording rig
2x Nuemann KM86
Electrovoice RE20
Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina
Vintage Beyer Dynamic M80
Wunder Audio CM7 large diaphragm tube microphone
2x Custom Hamptone omni tube michrophone w/ vintage Neumann M58 capsule (circuit based on C12)
2x Cascade Fathead ribbon mics
various dynamic mics

Euphonix MC Mix control surface
Softube Console 1
Akai MPC Renaissance & Studio
Elektron Octatrack
Elektron Analog Keys
Custom modular synth & signal processing rig
Roland RS-09
Novation 49SL MKII keyboard controller
Roland SPD-SX sampling pad and added drum triggers

Protools 10
Logic Pro X
Ableton Suite 8

custom low wattage (3-4 watts) Twang N Tweed tube amplifier
converted low watt Akai M7 tube amplifier
various stomp boxes (analog delays, reverbs, fuzz/overdrive, etc)

lots of drums, cymbals, and percussion

Software instruments:
Aurturia V Collection
NI Komplete 9 (Massive, Kontakt, FM8, Absynth, Guitar Rig Pro, Battery, Reaktor, all Abbey Road drums, etc.)
NI Monarck
BFD3 (paired with the SPD-SX and trigger pads is amazing!)
GForce impOSCar
GForce M-Tron w/ additional sound libraries
GForce Oddity
FabFilter Twin 2
U-He Diva
Korg MS20
huge sample library w/ a large collection of unique homemade, royalty free, samples from years of sessions/sampling


Soundtoys, Metric Halo, Sonnox Oxford, Softube, Fabfilter, Brainworx, Abby Road EMI TG12413/12412/12414, Auto-tune 7, iZotope Vinyl, Massey, NI Guitar Rig, Waves, Altiverb, Valhalla DSP